Genetic Improvement

TBA is also involved in developing innovative software tools to assist breeders operating independent breeding programs.  This includes an integrated suite of online software tools (DATAPLAN, TREEPLAN, SEEDPLAN and other support tools) to make efficient and optimal use of the data captured in their breeding program. A single group of software tools is a cost effective way to improve and enhance systems without the need for the development and maintenance of stand alone systems. Access to the tools and systems is done on a fee for service basis with support provided on a needs basis.

The TBA analytical systems are used for programs in Pinus radiata, Eucalyptus globulus, E. nitens, and the Southern Pines in Australia, and, P. sylvestris, P. pinaster, Picea abies and Betula in Europe and Asia as well as in Solanum tuberosum in the USA and Europe.

The benefits of shared systems provides a collaborative approach for scientists to engage with peers and ensure breeding programs remain optimal and leading edge.   

TBA can also provide advice on

TBA works with clients to provide successful commercial outcomes, by providing access to leading edge tools and specialist expertise in genetics.

TBA staff have successfully run genetic analysis workshops in the United States, Canada, Sweden, France, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia. Workshops assist participants with trial analysis (estimating variances, correlations and breeding value prediction) but also providing advanced options on spatial, multi-variate and across-site analysis if desired.