The leading genetic evaluation system for tree and plant improvement

Tree Breeding Australia (TBA) initially developed TREEPLAN software in 2002 in partnership with the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), University of New England, Armidale. 

TREEPLAN has evolved into an elaborate amalgamation of a sophisticated database system with DATAPLAN as the front-end interface, TREEPLAN software acts as a bridge managing the data for genetic evaluation, and APEX software (high-capacity linear mixed model analysis) analyses the data and produces breeding values for access through DATAPLAN.

DATAPLAN and TREEPLAN software are developed, used and maintained by TBA. The APEX solver is developed and delivered by GHPC Consulting and Services Pty Ltd from Armidale, Australia.

TREEPLAN estimates breeding and genetic values for tree species, and can be readily adapted to do the same for any species of plant.

TREEPLAN - designed to make complex statistical methods accessible and easy to use

TREEPLAN - ideally suited to large databases with complex pedigree

TREEPLAN is the result of millions of dollars in research to develop a system that has the power to handle very complex databases including: