DATAPLAN is an online repository for the pedigree relationships, performance observations and trial structures used in a modern breeding program. It is the front end of the Tree Breeding Australia genetic improvement programs and in addition to the historic data, it also stores the outputs from genetic evaluations (breeding values and economic models) for user decision making.

It has been purpose built for housing the data needed for genetic evaluation and is integrated with TREEPLAN for routine genetic evaluations. It is flexible enough to accommodate the merging of data from independent programs for a joint genetic evaluation, whilst retaining confidential any information which is not to be shared.

It operates through a web browser making access easy (no programs to download or update) with improvements and enhancements seamlessly provided. Flexible security roles are established for each user to protect data integrity and functionality.

DATAPLAN is being used for commercial breeding programs which represent about 85% of the industrial plantations in Australia. It is also used overseas in other tree improvement programs and the total hectares of plantations using the system for tree improvement is about 24 M hectares.

The system current holds over 124 M individual measurements on over 5.7 M individual genotypes in more than 2800 experimental trials. Additional tools to support breeding activities are accessed through the user interface for efficiency. These include orchard design, mating optimisation, selection and deployment tools – see SEEDPLAN.

Access to DATAPLAN is via this link - DATAPLAN